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From Conception to Materialization

This is view on preliminary phase for collective project inspired from the observation Reading University Arts and Education degree student’s studio practice and their outlook on future performance as teachers and artists.

Inspired by the content of MERL (Museum of English Rural Life) and Bayeux Tapestry at Reading Museum, the resulting collective projects (at present 8 x 0, 40 m) beyond visual integrity will emphasis on the pragmatic site of creativity, by seeing these challenges through different avenues including advice and support from business and culture industry.

Here VISUAL ART is a magnet that pools closer together other creative, science and humanity forthcoming professionals that are on ‘the threshold between securities of education institution facing the void of professional uncertainty’.

Around 30 participants by their one accord will contribute on the templates provided: drawings, photographs, shallow reliefs, collages, texts, links and more.

When completed the result from fare will resemble ‘thick colourful brushstroke’.

In the next several years I will use this project as a ‘metaphor’ to revisit education institutions to engage their forthcoming professionals in this mosaic of expressions ‘From Conception to Materialization’.

June 2014, Reading University, Englend, Arts and Education degree students & teachers

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