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φ21°33', λ41°21'

WORKING TITLE: "The skin of prilep environment"

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φ21°33', λ41°21' No. 2


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φ18°27', λ43°53'

WORKING TITLE: "Eco study of Sarajevo environment, 1992 - 1995"

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"From Conception to Materialization"

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Open Hand Open Space studio, Reading, England, 2017

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Through this long term project ‘Diary’ I am revisiting people and institutions I have worked with since mid ‘80, as well creating opportunity for projects inspired by the contemporary surrounding landscape.

Everyday often neglected objects or situations become focus of my interest, and by introducing spices and food ingredients .....

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Petre Nikoloski's studio visit by SATV

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Educational Interest

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About Artist
Petre Nikoloski's visit by SATV
φ21°33', λ41°21'
φ18°27', λ43°53'
East Kilbride, Scotland projects

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